Life Path

Compass Cards are designed to be a life direction tool. Knowing what matters to you has no effect on what to do next. It simply helps you orient in the direction you want to go.

Many people spend time looking for their life path. But let’s take a moment and consider what an actual path is. 

A path is something created on the ground by several passages across a particular place.

  • Does this metaphor actually fit for a human life?
  • Who has gone before you in living your life?
  • If we look at the experience of living a life, we are actually bushwhacking, making our own path.

By being clear on our values, we can determine if the direction we’re going in our daily activities really does matter to us.

When we are clear about what matters, know the direction we want our life to go in, we still have to consider the terrain. For example:

Say a woman’s values include quiet and creativity. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to triplets.  Her terrain has completely changed. She still values these things, but she may find that it isn’t as easy to move in the direction of her values. She may find in the course of parenting that other values are more important, or she may realize that her ability to experience these values might be limited for a while.

Another example:

Say a man has the values of sexuality and faithfulness. His wife becomes ill and loses her ability to be sexual. What does he do? He has a values conflict. Which is more important? With the Compass Cards, he can determine this and deal effectively, although not without pain, with the change in the terrain in his life.